Thursday, August 21, 2008


*my first poster

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Jenni said...

So many... all real good too, especially since I know you;re usually working on pretty short deadlines.
My two cents:
Sometimes the design doesn't seem to match the TONE of the poster content. The gospel one, for example, looks gothic to me because of the font, and maybe also the dark dark black over green. Also the clothesline project- i actually like it a lot- but it feels like light, crafty, fun project poster, then I see it has to do with violence against women; it just kinda threw me. Then again this may be something intentional you did for impact.

A few of my favorites are:
Grease- I really like the straightforward color scheme. and something about the figures stance i really like-- plus it helps direct the viewer to the info, so its a really well organized, focused poster.
Dan Mazur one; I like for how you designed around the image and it still looks really natural.
Speed dating, definitely. It is really bare-bones in a way, but it "tells a story" at the same time, in a real clever way. Great use of space, too.
Balloon Glow- i kept looking at this one, i really like the literal "balloon glow" imagery- that glow effect is really neat & i think the colors work well throughout. I think it's a favorite of mine because it feels effortless.